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Yellow Liner

Make a statement 
with your surfaces

CONSYSTEX Yellow Formliners are architectural sheets that offer a unique concrete textured finish. 

This is an economical and stylish way to make a statement with walls, columns and custom constructions.

It can be applied to:

  • Walls

  • Round columns

  • Square columns

The Yellow Liner is light and compatible with all formwork systems. It can also be applied either vertically or horizontally.

Westfield Miranda (8).jpg

Choose from 15
unique designs

There are 15 unique designs available from which you can choose to texture the concrete and achieve a natural finish.


We've grouped our designs into three families: 

  •   Wood

  •   Stone

  •   Form


Find out more today by viewing the Liner

Catalogue below.

The CONSYSTEX Yellow liner is light and compatible with all formwork systems on the market.


The ease of installation and flexibility of our designs makes the Yellow Liner the ideal option for creators and builders in the construction industry worldwide. 


Easy Installation

FORM LINER 2 (1).png

Personalise your architectural concrete 

Unique Textures

Choose from a unique range of textures that offer a first class
stone, wood or form finish.

Ease of Assembly

The Yellow Liner can be easily assembled with minimal effort by using staple and tape. 

Custom Support

Need advice on the best Yellow Liner to use for your project?  Get in touch with our technical experts today!

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