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Our Team


Mariano Villaescusa

Consystex CEO

Mariano has contributed over 30 years of structural forming experience developing commercial, civil and infrustracture solutions. He has been a key driver behind the design and implementation of products and solutions  at Consystex.

Mariano has developed over 20 patents for the construction industry and is committed to creating flexible, biodegradable building forming and packaging materials. He works closely with contractors, engineers, architects and Tier 1 builders to design and deliver forming solutions that are environmentally stable and cost effective. 

In a former life Mariano was an internationally acclaimed Bullfighter in Spain. In the early 1980s he was the first bullfighter to lead a socially conscious petition for "no kill" bullfighting in Spain. 

1300 266 797

Jorge Bernal

National Business Development Manager

Jorge has been part of the Consystex family for six years as the National Business Development Manager. He has facilitated the construction of a range of major formwork projects across Australia including Gold Coast Airport Rydges Hotel, ICCP (Ipswich Central Civic Project), South City Square Woolloongabba and Luminaire residential in Brisbane. Jorge is responsible for the logistical operation, networking and product supply for Consystex. 

1300 266 797

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Carlos Sanz

Technical Manager

Carlos is the Technical Lead at Consystex and is responsible for developing construction designs, plans and schedules for formwork projects across Australia and the Asia Pacific. He has also contributed over 10 years of architectural and engineering expertise to a wide range of major construction projects worldwide. Carlos has been a key driver at Consystex in developing novel formwork methodologies that focus on the relationship between formwork design and customer service applications. 

Carlos specialises in BIM, 3D Modelling and visualising architectural projects. His passion lies in the utilisation of software technologies and engineering frameworks to enhance architectural solutions. He offers a first-class approach to formwork engineering that is complemented by his long term exposure to projects with varying degrees of formwork. 

1300 266 797

Alvaro Echevarria-Santos

Technical Assistant 

Alvaro's experience spans different fields, both in engineering and architecture. His passion lies in sustainable solutions for large architectural projects and the adoption of Lean Manufacturing systems.


Alvaro's strong knowledge of engineering and 3D modelling systems allows him to develop the right technical solutions for each construction project.

1300 266 797

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My Anh Le

 Sales Manager Victoria

1300 266 797

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