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Square/Rectangular Tubes


Column Finish

An inner liner is placed to ensure a smooth concrete finish achieving a Class 2 surface result.

The yellow liner is an alternative product that can achieve a unique textured feature.

  • Save time, costs and labour

  • We offer highly customisable solutions.

  • We manufacture to the clients requirements. 

  • Quick to assemble

  • Lightweight, easy to transport

  • Environmentally friendly - made of non-hazardous materials, 100% recyclable

  • Rigid for piling, flexible for various applications

  • Waterproof, designed for underwater applications with no effect on strength

  • Offered in a range of finishes - including spiral lined, textured and bespoke designs

With the correct recommended handling procedure these columns can be reused numerous times.


Please note that after the initial use and stripping a new external tube is essential for reuse to attain the shape and finish of the square or rectangular concrete column.

Over 2000 clients worldwide rely on our Yellow Liner

Time Efficient

The Blue Liner offers streamlined productivity and improves the time efficiency of critical formwork projects on your site

Ease of Assembly

The ease and precision of our Blue Liner assembly ensures a perfect surface finish to concrete moulds every time.

Custom Support

Looking for custom Blue Liner designs? Get in touch with our technical experts today!

Square Column 

CONSYSTEX can provide square or rectangular concrete columns or other shapes to the specific requirements of your formwork project.

The process of setting up and stripping is fast and easy.

We use a high strength outer round tube that is fracture resistant. The internal component incorporates a high density polystyrene foam segment that creates the required shape.

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