CONSYSTEX has the knowledge, experience and team to design and create your desired solution to create columns of any shape you want. 

Whether the desired concrete formwork is square, hexagonal, raking or something more complicated like a dome, a three-faced column or a curved wall Consystex will find the solution to create your featured columns. 

We can make a unique shape achieving a perfect finish and keeping it easy to set up and strip.  Here are some examples. 

Two/Three-Faced Column System

Consystex Three-faced Column system was designed to be used in confined spaces extremely close to existing walls.

This offers you the option of forming columns as close as possible to the pre-existing wall to maximise space.

The Three-faced Column system is manufactured in our iconic pink column with the use of either precision cut polystyrene or plywood depending on the breach between the forming column and pre-existing surface.

In the factory
In the factory

Column installation
Column installation

Stripping off
Stripping off

In the factory
In the factory


Raking System

Here are the Raking columns!


Consystex ensures flexibility with our ability to create concrete column forms of almost any shape.

We can cut our pink tubes to a chosen angle to form the raking columns according to the specified project.


Consystex also has the ability to incorporate custom merging bases to capitalise on achieving a  unique feature.

We offer different support methods: 


Plywood ribs 


Resulting column

Squashed column with concrete inside

Column being squashed

Squashed columns

Taking one of our iconic pink round tubes and squashing it to the required width using timber to hold the tube's position. This will result in a rectangular shape with rounded ends. 

Tapered Column​s

Cone shaped tubes where variations of diameter are achieved from top to bottom

Consystex can design tapered columns specifically to customer requirements. 

Polystyrene Box

Massive columns made using polystyrene. This product requires conventional formwork.


Wrap Around Column System

Where it is impossible to use our recommended fitting technique Consystex has introduced the wrap around column system.

The wrap system gives installers the solution to increase the diameter of  an existing column forming a new column around it


Benefits for the wrap system are:

•Can be used multiple times onsite

•Can be used to encase steel beams or steel cages

•Can be used to form larger diameter columns around existing smaller diameter systems (also square/ rectangular columns)


Benches in Vaucluse made with polystyrene. Blue liner was used to give the concrete a smooth finish. 

bench 4.png

Ceiling Penetrations