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Bespoke Solutions

CONSYSTEX has the knowledge and expertise to design and create unique columns of any shape or formwork structure.


Whether the desired concrete is square, hexagonal, raking or abstract (domes or curved walls), Consystex is committed to finding a practical and impactful solution for your featured columns.​ 

Our solutions offer the perfect finish to each column and is easy to set up and strip. We have developed a variety of products and systems that offer the most appropriate solution for your formwork project. 

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Two/Three Faced
Column System

The Consystex Three-Faced Column system was designed to be used in confined spaces extremely close to existing walls.

This system allows you to maximise space and mould columns as close as possible to the pre-existing wall.

The Three-faced Column system is manufactured in our signiature pink column with the use of either precision cut polystyrene or plywood depending on the breach between the forming column and pre-existing surface.

The Raking System

The Raking System

Our Raking Columns are widely implemented in formwork projects due to their flexibly and ease of instalment. 

We cut our pink tubes to chosen angles to form raking columns with absolute precision. We understand that each project is unique with it's approach to raking columns. Our system ​


The Raking System also offers the ability to incorporate custom merging bases to capitalise on achieving a unique feature.


Squashed Columns

We use our round pink tubes to create squashed columns by moulding it to the required width using timber to hold the tubes shape. The malleability of the pink tube allows us to produce your desired rectangular shape with round edges. 



The Raking System

Tapered Columns

Tapered Columns are cone shaped tubes where variations of diameter are achieved from top to bottom. 

Consystex can design tapered columns specifically to customer requirements.


We use our pink tubes to shape tapered columns with the precision required in order to realise the desired gradient of thickness to each end of our columns. 

Rectangular shape_boxsystem (1).jpg

Polystyrene Boxes

We utilise polystyrene boxes in order to provide the stabilty required for large-scale columns. This product required convention formwork and consultation from our highly skilled team of technical staff

The Raking System

Wrap Around
Column System

Consystex has developed the wrap around column system to increase the diameter of pre-existing foundations.


This is a cost effective technique that is suitable in scenarios where you wish to retain the existing foundations of a column. 

Benefits for the wrap system include:

  • Can be used multiple times onsite

  • Can be used to encase steel beams or steel cages

  • Can be used to form larger diameter columns around existing smaller diameter systems (also square/ rectangular columns)

bench 2.png


We use our signature blue line to shape and design cement-based benches that require a smooth and seemless finish.


This solution can be shaped in endless ways in order to realise the most complex of bench designs. 

The Raking System

Ceiling Penetrations

We use a variety of methods to achieve moulds for ceiling penetrations on various projects.


The flexibility of our materials allow us to form penetrations of variations shapes to meet your project requirements. 


Over 2000 clients worldwide rely on our Yellow Liner

Time Efficient

The Blue Liner offers streamlined productivity and improves the time efficiency of critical formwork projects on your site

Ease of Assembly

The ease and precision of our Blue Liner assembly ensures a perfect surface finish to concrete moulds every time.

Custom Support

Looking for custom Blue Liner designs? Get in touch with our technical experts today!

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