CONSYSTEX'S Round Column Formwork


Our round formwork for concrete columns is manufactured by a revolutionary spiral system patented by Consystex.

Our circular columns range from 160mm up to 1510mm diameter with no limits in height. CONSYSTEX's round tubes are easy to set up, lightweight with strong resistance to fracture and are flexible for various applications.

Each diameter offers an option of standard, medium and heavy depending on the required length which allows us to achieve the highest columns. 

Simple set up! Consystex columns require minimal bracing, depending on the pouring method used, saving time and labour.

Very lightweight


 Standard: Up to 5000 mm

 Medium: Between 5000 mm and 6000 mm

 Heavy: Between 6000 mm and 9000 mm


 From 160 mm up to 1510 mm

We can manufacture any length. Pink tubes can be ordered to exact mm. Columns can be marked so that they can be dropped straight in when getting to site. 

They can also be cut on site. 


Large Diameter

For larger diameter columns, greater than 1510 mm, Consystex has developed the Wrap System.


Using the shape of polystyrene, our workers form columns by wrapping the filament tape and the double ply around it.

The wrapping system allows us to form larger diameter columns and with no height limit achieving a perfect finish. Ideal for large construction and infrastructure.


  • Best quality

  • Quick to assemble and strip off

  • Lightweight, easy to transport

  • Environmentally friendly - made of non-hazardous materials, 100% recyclable

  • Rigid for piling

  • Waterproof, designed for underwater applications with no effect on strength

  • Offered in a range of finishes - including spiral lined, textured and bespoke designs

Range Of Finishes​


Class 3 finish with a minimal spiral mark


Lined (Blue Liner)

Improves the surface finish giving a smooth Class 2 finish

Yellow Liner

Customised finish columns