Located on the western edge of Sydney’s central business district, Barangaroo spans 22 hectares along Sydney’s remarkable harbour. The site which is destined to become the greenest and most advanced financial district in Australia.  It will have a mix of uses, including commercial, residential, retail and dining, along with a new landmark hotel.

With the help of Consystex column formers the project was able to be completed in record time, saving labour and cost, raising build efficiency.

  • Large adaptable floorplates with an average of 2,300 sqm on typical floors and up to 3,000 sqm on podium floors

  • Potential for inter-connecting floors and huddle zones for enhanced collaboration and flexibility 

  • Abundant natural light and a sense of space provided by ceilings higher than the industry average - approximately 2,900 mm on typical floors

  • Greater flexibility from 150mm access floors allowing easy reconfiguration of work areas

  • Site-wide base building Information and Communications (ICT) infrastructure, enabling the latest technology and a highly flexible and future-proofed building