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How are Consystex Square Columns improving formwork?

It's no surprise that construction companies and formworkers have adopted new methods for formwork in recent times. Material, labour and environmental costs have played huge factors that have impacted the choices that builders, architects and civil engineers can make on each project.

The Consystex Square tubes adopt an efficient and environmentally friendly approach to that can save you time and labour on site. Here are some of the advantages that our square columns offer;

๐Ÿ’ช Reduced Labor Requirements Consystex Square Tubes require minimum labor over metal moulds and conventional forms of column making. This is due to the fact that traditional column formwork methods require heavy materials like wood and/or metal, resulting on higher labor requirements on the project.โ€ The Consystex Tubes in comparison can be easily placed on site and are light weight enough to be moved and reinforced easily.

โฑ Setup Time is Reduced In many cases traditional/wooden and steel columns can take hours to setup and form on site. Consystex Square tubes require only a fraction of the time in comparison as they are prefabricated and can be speedily transported and installed.

๐Ÿ‘Œ Smoother and Premium Finish Our classic Blue Liner can be used to shroud the inner shell of our tubes for a superior and smooth finish. This is a finish that other methods of

column formwork are unable to provide as they cannot be lined as efficiently as Consystex Tubes. The Blue Liner is a popular finish that has been used on some of Australia's leading formwork projects over the years.

๐ŸŒ Consystex Tubes are Environmentally Conscious Consystex Square Tubes are made from special materials and glues that consume only a fraction of the waste consumed by traditional formwork methods. Certain elements of our tubes (i.e. polystyrene inserts) can be reused if returned to our factory to be re-lined and re-inserted inside a new tube. Consystex is currently undergoing extensive research to produce a fully biodegradable products in the near future.

Want to find out more about our Square Columns? Speak with our highly skilled technical team today by calling Consystex on 1300 266 797 or email today!

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