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5 Key Benefits of the Pink Tube System

The Consystex Pink Tube System is changing the way we approach traditional concrete formwork and how we think about column forming. But what are the benefits of using the Pink Tube System? We run through some of the key benefits that this solution can provide project managers and form workers on site.

  1. The Consystex Pink Tube is constructed from light weight material that can be easily shaped and transported with ease. Many project managers and form workers alike agree that the pink tube system is one of the most practical methods for placing column formwork constructions. The light weighted and transportable nature of the pink tubes allows it to be placed in some of the most difficult spaces. This provides a strong advantage over traditional methods for formwork that involve extensive carpentry that are heavier and less transportable in nature.

  2. The Pink Tube offers a wide manufacturing range with no size limit. The tubes are rigid for piling and no vertical bracing is required.

  3. The Pink Tube is constructed from environmentally friendly and non-hazardous materials which can all be recycled. Traditional carpentry methods of column formwork can easily waste tonnes of wood based products per year. This is a drastic comparison to the make up of pink tubes that are constructed from a mixture of Kraft paper, polypropylene and special glues, that also makes them water and weather resistant. The tubes can also be made for underwater applications as per customer request.

  4. The Pink Tube is weatherproof and can be designed for underwater applications without affecting the strength of the tube. The unique materials used to construct our tubes are built to withstand a range of environmental factors that are common on most construction sites.

Want to find out more about the Pink Tube?

Contact Consystex today by calling 1300 266 797 or email to find out how our pink tubes can rethink your formwork projects today.

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