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Pink Tubes Vs. Steel Tubes/Moulds

We often receive many questions regarding the benefits behind our core products like the Pink Tubes, Blue Liner and Yellow Liners here at Consystex. One of our more frequently asked questions revolves around the difference between these products compared to Steel Tubes and Moulds on the market. We decided to weigh in and share our thoughts between the two and putting them head to head for you below!

There many reasons why our column forms are more efficient and standout from other column formwork products on the market:


Consystex Products can be handled by hand or without the need of a crane as opposed to steel and plastic tubes that are heavier and require greater support. This advantage can save a lot of time and labour and generates cost savings in the process.

No Bracing Required

Our tubes are designed to withstand concrete pressures above Australian Standards, meaning that bracing is only required at the bottom and at the top of the tube.

Flexible System

The Flexible System makes it easy to transport our tubes as they can be squashed to a point without damage to the structure and will revert to their shape once installed. This process can dramatically reduce the transport costs charged to our customers - bigger loads = less trips.

Affordability and lead time,

Steel tubes/moulds are a lot more expensive than the Consystex System. Steel columns require intensive labour and must be cleaned after every use in order to be maintained. A release agent must also be applied before every use which greatly decreases the speed in which columns can be produced. Steel columns also require a large amount of storage and transport costs can be an issue. The Consystex System in comparison negates these issues given the lightweight, durable and reusable nature of the materials used.


Steel columns moulds are used in small lengths due to elevated transport costs, storage and handling issues. Once the mould has been installed the formworker will need to wait for the concrete to set before they can reuse that same mould to continue with the column. The formworker has the option of stacking other moulds on top but this will still be much less efficient and there will be joint marks on the columns. Steel columns also produce the risk of cold joints on the concrete column as a result of pouring the column in stages.

The Consystex System in comparison allows customers to pour numerous full length columns at a time, since our system can be quickly installed due to its light weight and easy handling. This is not the case with steel column mould systems which are heavy and harder to handle.

Want to find out more about our The Consystex System? Our Pinks Tubes can rethink the way that you look at formwork. Contact a member of our highly skilled technical team by calling 1300 266 797 or email today!

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