CONSYSTEX'S Oval Column Formwork

CONSYSTEX's oval concrete column formwork give more control over the concrete shapes that can be built.

Now you can be more creative and innovative achieving unique results in your projects whilst maintaining cost and safety standards. 

With the correct recommended handling procedure these columns can be reused numerous times.


Please note that after the initial use and stripping a new external tube is essential for reuse to attain the shape and finish of the oval concrete column.


         Standard: Up to 5000 mm height

         Medium: Between 5000 mm and 6000 mm height

         Heavy: Between 6000 mm and 9000 mm height

The size of the oval column will adjust to the user's


Range Of Finishes​

The column formwork that require the use of polystyrene are always Class 2 since the blue liner is essential to prevent the concrete from sticking to the polystyrene.

Oval columns that have been made with the squashing method have the possibility to be formed with a spiral tube or a lined tube depending on the surface finish requirements.