Custom Range

At last, a formwork solution with virtually unlimited architectural and design potential. Consystex LHV Liners come in a wide range of contemporary finishes or they can be custom designed and made to suit any architectural or design requirements. If you can design it, we can create it.

Consystex Architectural Form Liners - Next Generation Technology

Consystex LHV Liners are the most efficient and effective way to create any desired concrete finish. Easy to use and adaptive with all formwork - vertical, horizontal and even precast concrete, Consystex LHV Liners can be adapted to suit almost any desired shape and curve and can be customised to achieve any desired finish. 

Consytex’s exclusive LHV Liners can now provide architects, designers, even owner builders the opportunity to add texture and detail like never before - eliminating the need to use tedious and costly alternative methods. 

Consystex LHV Liners offer the following distinct advantages:

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • High quality
  • Fast set up
  • Ease of removal
  • 100% Recyclable
  • No concrete release agents needed
  • Can be adapted to suit all applications
  • Unique finishes and textures

LHV Liners also provide ability to jump from pouring concrete to flash finishing. You can now save time and money and achieve a distinctive, unique look and finish every time.

  • panel slab formwork with slab thicknesses of up to 42 cm (~17") in standard operation as well as up to 109 cm (~43") with 150 cm main beams and panel width 75 cm
  • lightweight and easy to handle individual components
  • systematic assembly sequence and safety
  • low number of props required in the standard area with only 0.029 props per ft² (with 225 cm main beam)
  • early striking with drophead system
  • easy to clean due to powder-coated main beams, self-draining edges on panels and main beams
  • accessories for fast length and width compensation and filling of remaining areas as well as the shuttering of columns
  • high safety at slab edge with cantilevered slab beams and platform
  • easy change of direction of the panels

Hardwood MDO is a dense hardwood faced plywood with pine core and back veneers. Wall and slab formwork panel for concrete finishes with highest requirements, fairfaced concrete finishes. Panels are produced using phenolic resis with low polluting emissions that meet the European E-1 norm. Available one or two sided. One sided construction will have an 367 g/m2 MDO face and resin coated back panel. Two sided construction would have the MDO on both faces. It is edge sealed with water resistant paint.

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