Frequently asked questions

Are our pink columns rigid enough?

Whilst our iconic Pink columns may not appear rigid enough in their unused state, once they have been put into place (using our recommended handling procedure) and filled with concrete (using our recommended pouring procedure) our pink columns are more than robust enough to support an evenly distributed internal pressure produced by the concrete.

Will the pink columns require much bracing?

Effectively our Pink Columns require no more bracing than any other formwork solution. The bracing is not required to add strength to the formwork but to ensure the formwork does not bow from the steel reinforcing. Consystex also offers bracing solutions specific for our Pink columns.

Does it require excessive care in handling and storage?

We recommend to handle our products with care. Obviously, our Pink columns must be secured when stored on a windy site but we strongly recommend to fit our columns on arrival to site.

What is the maximum height of the columns?

At Consystex we make our Pink Columns to the desired height needed for our customers but within reason as we like to factor in transportation and moveability. Consystex offers solutions for bespoke and non regular length columns.

Why are rounds columns prefered over other shapes if they are exposed?

  • Less view obstruction.
  • No sharp corners to mark and damage.
  • A less complex form to contract a flawless finish.

What are a few of the advantages of CONSYSTEX Pink columns over the other types of concete forms?

  • Job development can move as fast as desired, with a form for each column
  • Flawless finish
  • Lightweight – easy to manoeuvre and handle
  • Minimal bracing required
  • Our columns can be cut on site with a Stanley knife, hand saw or circular saw

What is the stripping process to remove the pink column once the concrete has formed?

process ensures a perfect and spotless finish on the formed column without the risk of marking.

Are releasing agents required?

Releasing agents are not required for any of our product line as they are manufactured with premium quality materials and our products are proven to be removed stress free.

How are CONSYSTEX tubes more economical than steel and fiberglass forms?

  • When crucial targets need to be met.
  • When different diameters and lengths are required on the same site.
  • When flawless exterior is one of the prime concerns.

Does concrete need to be vibrated?

Yes, adequate vibration is crucial to fuse the concrete together and eliminate any unwanted air pockets trapped within.

How long does it take for concrete to initially set?

Concrete can vary widely with temperature and concrete mix. Cold temperatures can delay the initial set of the concrete for several hours.