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Blue Liner

Over 2000 clients worldwide rely on our Blue Liner

Time Efficient

The Blue Liner offers streamlined productivity and improves the time efficiency of critical formwork projects on your site

Ease of Assembly

The ease and precision of our Blue Liner assembly ensures a perfect surface finish to concrete moulds every time.

Custom Support

Looking for custom Blue Liner designs? Get in touch with our technical experts today!

One Liner. 
Endless Possibilities.

The Consystex Blue Liner is a revolutionary formwork solution that significantly improves the surface finish of form finished concrete structures.

The Blue Liner can be easily rolled out over the formwork surface and held in place with adhesive tape. The steel reinforcing is then placed on top of the liner before the concrete is poured.

The Blue Liner is suitable for use over conventional form ply, panels, tables and shutters and is suitable for use to line soffits, beams, walls, lift shafts, underside of balconies or almost any conceivable use.

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