Innovative new technology for the construction industry. CONSYSTEX specialises in the latest technological concrete formwork systems.

Consystex is an Australian manufacturing company specialising in innovative and customised concrete formwork solutions. We consult, design and manufacture.

In 1990, Mariano Villaescusa began his career formerly with Columould and Cerntube in the development and marketing of column formwork products. 

Mariano's 30 years of extensive experience and his involvement in a large number of projects both locally in Australia and across the globe has enabled Consystex to design, develop and patent a range of revolutionary machinery that has improved and reinforced our suite of products and solutions.

Consystex is the market leader in the formwork industry. We have created a revolutionary product range that exceeds any other type of formwork applications in the construction industry.

We are Australian owned and operated with all our formwork products  locally manufactured in our facilities in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 

We are strongly committed to producing and supplying reliable, safe and sustainable products of the highest quality. At Consystex we are continually researching new materials and solutions to ensure we remain at the leading edge for the construction industry.


Save Time and Labor and Lower Your Costs

By choosing Consystex, you can realise substantial cost and time savings, regardless of the size of your project.

Custom Design and Construction Solutions

We specialise in providing flexible bespoke product and customised project solutions. 

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 Safety, quality and environmental Commitments 



Safety is a major concern on construction sites.

The easy installation and the lightweight features of the Consystex innovative product range help eliminate many of the safety issues associated with traditional, heavy formwork. 


Consystex is at the leading edge of construction product innovation.

We are continually creating and adopting technological advances in materials and design to create products that have clear cost benefits, durability, sustainability and the highest quality finishes. 

With Consystex, it's guaranteed to be Quality!



Consystex is a strong advocate of reducing environmental impacts within the construction industry and we always endeavour to provide products that are recyclable/re-usable and sustainable.

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