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About Us

We're Rethinking Formwork

CONSYSTEX is an Australian manufacturing company that specialises in innovative and bespoke concrete formwork solutions. We consult, design and manufacture a range of innovative technologies that are shaping the way we think about the future of formwork.  Serving over 2000 projects and clients nationally and across the globe, Consystex is pioneering the most advanced and revolutionary formwork solutions that continue to transform contemporary approaches to architecture and our built environment.

Square shape_pinktube_Column (15).jpg
Punchbowl Mosque (10).jpg

Innovative Column Formworks

Our formwork designs are unparalleled in their diversity, artistry and design. We deliver a range of solutions including round, squared, oval and raking columns.

Customised Shapes

Consystex can create concrete formwork columns of almost any shape and size. We offer the most cost-effective solutions to meet the demands of every project large or small.

First-Class Finish

With its superior resistance and functionality, our revolutionary Blue Liner offers an exceptional render to formwork surfaces with a smooth Class 2 Finish on concrete.

Our Expertise

World Class Design

At Consystex we take pride in the passion and attention to detail in each of our projects. Our team of formwork consultants can offer their expertise on the best formwork solutions for your project. 

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