National University of Singapore

Multinational builder Kajima Corporation has selected Consystex to supply column formwork

Residential Towers

As a reliable partner, we continue to support our customers with innovative products and services.

Barangaroo built with Consystex Technology

Lightweight Consystex Columns offer a range of excellent benefits over traditional concrete formwork solutions.

Textured Columns for Westfield Malls

Consystex deliver a wide range of form liners to deliver your required finished look

ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre

Custom Form Solutions for all your projects.

Consystex - Construction Technology

Innovative new technology for the construction industry

Consystex specialises in the latest technological and innovations in concrete formwork systems.

Our Products

Saving Time, Labor & Costs

By choosing Consystex, you can realise substantial cost and time savings, regardless of the size of your project.

Customisable Solutions for any Design and Construction Requirements

We specialise in providing flexible bespoke product and project solutions. Call us now to discuss your particular design and construction needs.

Safe & Green

Consystex is a strong advocate of reducing environmental impacts within the construction industry. We endeavour to provide products that are recyclable/re-usable and sustainable.

Flexible Funding Options

Consystex has partnered with Gapital, a non bank construction finance provider of debt and equity solutions. Our goal is to be capital partner between our sophisticated investor clients and construction industry professionals. We specalise in bridging finance and construction loans.

Financing Your Project

Consystex are leaders in construction project funding solutions. We know that every project is different and our highly flexible, low-cost funding solutions can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Project Management Services 

Consystex are highly experienced in all aspects of project management including cost estimation and planning. Having been involved in major construction projects around the world for a number of years, we can assist you with all aspects of your project planning and budgeting, regardless of where you are located in the world.

Financial Planning

We are highly skilled in the management, financial planning and delivery of major construction projects and are in a unique position to provide the financial planning and business support your projects require.

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